Friday Letters
Friday Letters
From Jamie Varon

“I just read your Friday Letter and, my god, you are articulating so many things that this generation feels and often doesn’t have words for. Your words make me and so many others braver.” —BIANCA


Twice monthly essays written for smart & intentional women

Hi, I’m Jamie and every other Friday, I write raw, real Letters about love, joy, self-care, radical honesty, accepting what is, and feeling good more often than not.

Personal Letters I don’t want to share anywhere else except your inbox—you and me, intimate, pen pals, talking about the things we don’t say out loud, but know we must.

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 What People Are Saying About Friday Letters

"I love *love* your letters and have been reading every letter twice or three times in a row to make sure it actually sinks in. Thanks so much for doing the work you do and making my inbox feel like a bit of a safe space amidst all the other email chaos."

“I know a few folks who follow you and we end up having debrief sessions based on your posts and Friday Letters.”

“My friend and I discuss them during long runs every Saturday. I am sure you are aware of your massive fan club, but I just wanted to make sure you know how awesome and inspiring you are to both me and my friends.”

“I print your Friday Letters out and put them in a file at work and read them when I am stressed or down or need a mindset shift. It's my favorite file!”

“Every week, I save Jamie’s newsletter for a special time where I can sit uninterrupted and take in her way with words and vision. I definitely aspire to write like that - in a way that people will save my words for a moment.”

“They are a highlight of my week! I live in Dublin and my usual Friday evening is to sit down with a cuppa and read your Friday Letter.”

"Your Letters often lead into chats with friends and I feel so many of us are feeling the same way. When I bring up your writing, it encourages a wider conversation within my friend group. It makes us more open. It makes us closer. So, thank you.”

“Thank you for speaking and living your truth so beautifully and empowering countless others around the world to follow in your brave footsteps.”


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Oh, hello!

I'm Jamie Varon and I'm a writer and designer currently living in Los Angeles. I started Friday Letters in November of 2018 and wrote the first one from a coffee shop in Madrid. In a highlight-reel-world, these Letters were my way of bringing humanness and honesty back to the internet. An homage to old school blogging.

They have now turned into a place where I can be my most honest self—and feel a sense of community around all these things I've kept hidden for so long.

Writing these Letters has made me braver. And, because of them, I was inspired to write my first book, which I'm working on now. Thank you for being a part of this community here. Talk to you Friday!

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